About Mountain Mist

Welcome to the picturesque life

Experience Nature, in its full bloom, the rejuvenating freshness of air, the eternal peace- all this, in and around your dream home, what more you can ask for? We most heartily welcome you to your own dream, your own fantasy- we welcome you at the Picturesque Life: Mountain Mist – 2 & 3 BHK Weekend homes @ Lonavala.

Mountain Mist – The New Picturesque Address

There was a time when postal addresses were a matter of Pride, and sending postcards was a matter of honor. Here every click you sharewill be a beautiful postcard, no matter inside or out side the house. Come to Mountain Mist experience a holiday home where every nook and cranny is photogenic and every picture is picturesque.

Where Nature is Your Neighbor

When Nature is your neighbor, then the life is always adventurous, fun and joyful. At Mountain Mist, it’s always exciting, from sprawling views from home to discovering a new mountain trail everyday, every moment comes alive with nature. Experience the cozy interiors and nature infested exteriors onlyat Mountain Mist.

Freshness for Body Mind and Soul

Away from the hustle bustle of the city, Mountain mist is a perfect destination for weekend rejuvenation and vacation endeavors. It’s a complete mesmerizing affair, with nature, serenity and comfort. With every corner of the house welcoming and every bit of exterior soothing, Mountain Mist is sure shot dessert for body mind and soul.

Where Days are fresh and rejuvenating

At Mountain Mist, there are no lazy and tiresome days. Every Sunrise will be refreshing, charging your body with a gift of energy and health. Where the gush of fresh air pumps in new excitement and the nature, make you feel more alive than ever. Mountain mist is truly a gift of rejuvenation for you and your family.

Where Nights are calmer and relaxing

Nights at mountain mist are serene, calm and relaxing, where you can submerse into the silence of the nature and enjoy its relaxing silence. The magic begins with the fall of dusk, unveiling the pallet of multi-colored sky, transforming into a dark blue starry blanket as if wrapping you around in its cozy arms. Mountain mist is a surreal cocoon of luxury and comfort for several nights to remember.